It’s okay to un-plug.

Technology is wonderful. 
Social media is a great tool. It helps us to connect not only with family and friends but it provides businesses with a tool to reach customers that they might otherwise not have been able to reach before.

lets be honest though…. our technology and social media can be so distracting and harmful.

for instance like when we are in school and you start texting in class.
or how about when we go out with friends and every single one of us is on our phones…
maybe perhaps its how we just have to instagram that photo of our Bibles and coffee or that delicious meal we just ordered.

Yes, technology and social media bring people close but they can also be very divisive.

As I’m sure you can probably tell, I love photos of the water and sunset. The other day I went to a local park to journal and catch the sunset. As I sat on one of the pillars underneath the bridge I looked around.

Some of the people were there fishing alone or with their families.
Some were crabbing.
Some were laying out on blankets in the grass.
Some were having picnics with their dates or families.
Some were sitting on benches catching up with friends or family.

They were for the most part un-plugged.         They were enjoying quality time with each other.                                                                       They were basking in the summer weather as the sun was going down.

There is so much beauty to be found in each other and in the world when we un-plug. It’s okay to just sit and enjoy a meal and not Instagram it. It’s okay to not take a photo of the sunset once in awhile, and instead just enjoy the colors of the sunset. It’s okay to put your phone away and make eye contact and listen to people.

It’s okay to un-plug. I want to encourage you guys to un-plug this summer. To really enjoy the beauty of spending quality time with family or friends. To enjoy quality time just making memories. To enjoy this beautiful earth God has created.

Elizabeth Louise


Let’s all be more real, a little more authentic. 

Social media….

It’s wonderful. But it’s also damaging.

social media has great uses….it allows us to connect with friends, family and acquaintances. it allows us to promote our businesses. it allows us to promote our blogs. It allows us to reach people and audiences.

But in many ways it can be so damaging. yes, damaging.

Follow along for a second. you go out to dinner or a movie, maybe even bowling or a concert. 

How often do you check your phone to type a status? 

take a photo of your food before you enjoy it?

How often do you require a photo be taken for Facebook?

How often are you at a meal looking at your phone?

When was the last time you told someone something serious in person?

Do you take photos of your “healthy” meal constantly?

Do you write statuses wanting likes and get disappointed when there are none?
Let me be real. I do the majority of those things. and I’m sure many of you do as well.

When was the last time we went to a meal and didn’t look at our phones or social media? When was the last time we made a Facebook status and didn’t care about the “likes”? When was the last time we had fun, laughed, enjoyed each other’s company without blasting it on social media? When was the last time your food came and you enjoyed it before taking that perfect picture for Instagram(and while we are being real. we all know that photo was edited a few 100 times).

My point is: when was the last time we were real? When was the last time we were authentic? When was the last time we didn’t judge or depend on the likes or followers?

Let’s all be a little more real. Let’s wave bye to our social media. Let’s stop giving it control over us.

Maybe enjoy that burger and fries. No photo.

Maybe go out with family and friends and don’t write a status about it.

Maybe put down that phone and talk to your next door neighbor or mailman.

Maybe the next time a status get 0-1 likes, keep it up.

Let’s all be a little more real. A little more authentic.