Not enough time in your day?

Wake up, hit the alarm and sleep in a bit longer, finally wake up, get your kids up and dressed and fed, drop them off at daycare or school.

…….maybe if you are lucky you get to grab a coffee before you need to be at work

You get off work exhausted and either pick the kids up if they haven’t been picked up already and then remember that you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, get groceries, and make that long overdue dentist appointment.

If this isn’t your daily routine then I’m pretty sure yours is similarly filled with countless daily to do’s and chores that often leaves you feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.


No wonder we get stressed and overwhelmed….
We often feel like we have to get everything done and all at once.

Take a deep breathe and relax.
Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

Are you ready?

We have been given 24 hours in the day to get done what we need to.
How much time are you spending on Facebook?
How much time are you spending on your phone?
How much time are you spending watching Netflix or Hulu?
How much time are you spending on Snapchat or Instagram?
How much time did you spend sleeping in when you could have been up early? 

That time that you spent on Facebook for 30 minutes could have been spent doing your laundry.
That time you spent on your phone for an hour and a half could have been spent finishing that book report that is due on Monday(hopefully you don’t actually have a book report due on Monday since it’s still summer!)
That time you spent sitting on the couch all day watching tv, you could have made that doctors appointment or picked up your dry cleaning.


Some things that we can do to better manage our time:
1. Use a daily planner: If you are anything like me, free, disorganized, lives for the random and unexpected then you really need a daily planner to manage your schedule. You can write down all of your events so that you don’t end up attending that birthday party two days earlier….
2. Use your calendar on the iphone: Technology is cool, right? We have the ability to plug our events into our calendar, and ask Siri to set reminders for us.
3. Use an alarm: On any given day, I have about ten different alarms going off. My iphone alarm, my Doctor Who alarm, oh and this alarm that will literally run around the room until you get out of bed to turn it off….. really fun to do in the morning.

Even with all of this….
What I’ve come to realize is that we are often the harshest judges of ourselves.
We overthink, we panic, we beat ourselves up and feel bad for not getting everything done.

You. Are. Going.To. Mess. Up

Give yourself a little grace.
You aren’t supposed to try doing everything on your own.
You aren’t perfect.
Nobody is. 

That’s the beauty of needing Jesus.
Where we are broken, and flawed and dirty from our sin that separates us from God
Jesus is beautiful, flawless, whole, and He overcame death on the cross.
Because of Him we have been redeemed and made new.

With Jesus we can overcome what we may not have been able to overcome before on our own.

The next time you get stressed out that you overslept by 5 minutes, didn’t pick up your dry cleaning, get the eggs or toilet paper from the store, forgot to make that dentist appointment and forgot to pick up your grandma Esther from the airport(hopefully you haven’t actually forgotten to pick up your grandma at the airport…) take a deep breathe and realize that you aren’t a superhero.

The next time you or someone else messes up or forgets to do something, stop and take a deep breath and extend grace to others as well as yourself.


I would love to hear what ways/tools you use to manage your time better? Feel free to leave a comment below!


Elizabeth Louise



A Christian response to the events in Charlottesville 

I don’t know about you guys but after watching the news this weekend and seeing the photos from Charlottesville 

I’m devastated by seeing such hate.

I’m disgusted that these so called “white-supremist, nazis” actually think that just because they are a certain color that they’re better than those who aren’t.

I’m fed up from hearing and seeing such rhetoric and hate. 

As the child of parents who worked with the government, I moved to different countries, traveled to others on vacation and went to several other countries for mission trips.

I’ve seen and met people of all colors, of all religions, and of all backgrounds. 

Each person on this earth is created by God and is known by God. Each person on this earth was created in the image of God and has immense value and worth.

Each person holds such beauty and worth.

Nobody is “better” than someone else because of their skin color or ethnicity or because they are a male/female. We are all sinners, broken and in need of redemption and the grace of God. 

Friends, let’s not brush off this weekends events and go on with our lives a few days later. We should acknowledge that black lives do matter. We should be reaching the hurting people and acknowledging their pain. We should speak out against this type of hate that we saw this weekend. Hear the concerns of others, don’t diminish their hurt just because it’s different than yours. Speak out and stand up for the oppressed. 

Breakfast, essential oils, Health, recipes

Feeling fruity!

I’m feeling fruity guys! 
I’m so excited to share a breakfast recipe with you all this morning. 😃

This mornings breakfast consisted of cantaloupe, blueberries and yogurt on top with 2 drops or less of Ginger Vitality(I recommend 1, ginger can be really strong).
Mix the Ginger Vitality in with thd yogurt first, then put on top.

Fun fact: Ginger Vitality helps support digestion and relieves anxiety. amazing right?

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In Jesus we have a safe place

whether you are feeling alone, scared, struggling to find worth, hopeless and worn out, dealing with depression or anxiety.

I want to remind you. Jesus is for you.

He is standing on the sideline even when you’ve given up. He is your biggest fan encouraging you to not give up. He is your biggest fan even when you make mistakes. 

there will be times when you face trials and moments that will try and tear you down. there will be people that you come across that will be against you.

Jesus is with us through it all. Never leaving our side even when we leave His

Continue to look to Jesus for direction and comfort. In Jesus we will always find a safe place. In Jesus we find hope for our weary souls. In Jesus there is peace. In Jesus, all of our fears are washed away.

The next time you become overwhelmed by guilt, fear, hopelessness, worry, and  loneliness, etc 


and remember these truths. Remember to cling to Jesus. 


// Speak your testimony //

Our testimonies are a part of us, they tell how we came to Jesus and what Jesus is still doing in our lives. Sometimes people like to hear the juicy testimonies. You know, the ones where that person was pregnant at 16, or was in a biker gang on the streets and growing marijuana. Or those stories of how that person was gambling and drinking. Or maybe those stories of how that person survived a shooting and found Jesus afterwards.
Your testimony doesn’t have to be that exciting though. Your testimony is YOUR story with Christ and how He is continually working in your life. It’s okay if you grew up in church and accepted Christ at an early age. It’s okay if your testimony doesn’t involve drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.




The above photo is something that I feel resonates with me. If you know me, you know I absolutely love exploring abandoned buildings, and places. I love seeing the beauty in the old, and run down. 

I grew up living in various different countries and because of this I was exposed to different cultures, religions and different ways of living. My family never really attended church regularly, although my parents always encouraged my siblings and I to embrace our individuality and to branch out to and form our own opinions and beliefs.

It was middle school when I started realizing I had a void inside of me that needed to be filled. I started looking for answers in Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism, and even Wicca. But, I found that each of these all had a “works” based faith and I was left feeling more alone.

In high school I began drinking and getting high. Oh those teenagers years…..
One of my good friends started bringing me to church and answered any questions I had about God or the Bible. She eventually handed me my own Bible.

I eventually found a local church near my house, and had a “coming to Jesus” moment. If you can even call it that. I took my salvation as, “I believe in God, I’m going to Heaven, I can do whatever I want”. It was like a “get out of hell” free pass.
Once more I began to let alcohol and drugs control me and fill the void inside of me that was only meant for Jesus.

It wasn’t until 2012 when I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic that I finally understood that my sins were separating me from God and though I was far from God, God had never left my side. He was constantly there even when I wasn’t there, He still wanted me, He still loved me, He forgave me.
I can’t tell you how much I cried in that moment when it finally hit me like a hurricane…

My story with God doesn’t stop there though. Since then God has continued to work in my life, through the ups and the downs. He has reconciled friendships over the years, He has used my tears, heart breaks, aches and pains to teach me to cling closer to Him and seek His will. He has saved my life in moments where I would have thought I would have died. He has taught me to trust Him even when life is throwing all it has at me and is trying to knock me down. He has taught me to not find my identity in people or things. He has taught me that my identity is not found in having a significant other.




I love hearing other peoples testimonies and walks with Christ. If you are up to sharing your story, please DM me on Twitter or feel free to e-mail me at Elizabeth.Louise@holyyoga.net



-Elizabeth Louise






God doesn’t need you.

One of my absolute favorite books to go through is Exodus. There is so much truth to soak up. I remember leading a Bible study that did an in depth study of Exodus.

In Exodus 3:7-12 God and Moses are having a conversation after Moses has come across a burning bush. 

So I’m going to paraphrase the interaction, but I want to encourage you all to read these verses. So God is telling Moses, “Look, I’ve seen the pain and suffering of my people and I’m going to take them out of Egypt and bring them to a land flowing with milk and honey. I’m going to use you and send you to ask Pharoah for freedom”. 

Moses is listening to all this and his question to God ends up being found in vs. 11 But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharoah and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” And I LOVE the response God gives in vs 12. He said, “But I will be with you, and this shall be the sign for you, that I have sent you: when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall serve God on this mountain.”

Who is Moses that God should use him?

am I that God should use me?

are you that God should use you?


We are like ants compared to the magnitude of who God is and what He can do.
We are here one minute and the next we are gone.
Even the most well known person on the planet right now, I can guarantee there are people in villages with no internet or phones who know of them.
We can be so well known but in the end we cease to exist, and someone else comes along.

See. God doesn’t need us in order to do great things… If you say no to Him, God can still make His plan happen without you.

The thing is though. 

  1. HE. Loves. You. 
  2. HE. Desires. You.
  3. HE. Is. Constantly. Pursuing. You

I don’t know what you are struggling with today. If it’s feeling so alone like nobody is there or like nobody wants you.

I don’t know if you are looking to drugs, or alcohol or porn or money to solve your problems or to find happiness.

Or maybe your anxiety and depression are telling you that you aren’t worth it.

I’ve been there. I’ve cried myself to sleep many nights feeling so alone and doubting my worth. I’ve looked for answers in places, people and things that only God could ever solve or answer for me.

If there is something that I can leave you with right now it’s that, you are so loved by the Creator of the universe, world, and every single plant, person and animal. 

The Creator of the Universe even created you. He knew you before you were born and has given you immense worth.

So yeah, compared to God we are ants on the spectrum. Ants with immense worth and value and who God desires to love so intimately.

-Elizabeth Louise 


One Step at a Time

I love the saying, “One Step At a Time”.

It’s normally said when someone is going too fast and wants to skip right to the end part.
Like when you are building IKEA furniture and you are already on #4 of the directions when your family or friends are still on #1 and trying to figure out which piece is which.
Or maybe you need to start from the bottom up when starting a career, and you want to skip that step and get yourself to the top.
We all get impatient, and we all want to skip ahead at times.

I know this is really important for me to hear on a daily basis, “One step at a time, one step at a time”.
I get impatient and instead of waiting I hurry.
Usually in my hurry, I make a mistake that I probably would have otherwise caught I were going one step at a time.

There is a verse that I love that I think helps with this subject.
Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet
                           and a light to my path.

Close your eyes for a second and read these words aloud.


When you picture a lamp what do you automatically associate with that?
God’s word is a lamp.
It illuminates our path for life.

Whenever I read this verse I stop to imagine that I’m lost in a really dark cave without the ability to see anything or understand where I’m headed.
But instead when I lean on God and His word the path in front of me becomes a little bit more clearer.
Although I still may not know what lies ahead on the path, what I do know is that God does and He will lead me through the darkness.

You see.
When we want to rush ahead in the darkness without God or leaning on God’s word, we stumble and fall. Maybe we get back up and try again.
Whenever I want to rush and go two steps ahead, instead of going one step at a time, I try to picture God holding my hand in this dark cave, and maybe sometimes I get brushed against a sharp edge from time to time, or maybe I lag behind and I stumble. But, God is leading us through a dark cave.
His word provides light to us.
If we don’t hold His hand and follow Him and instead run off on our own, we are left running through a dark cave with no idea where we are going or what we are up against.

Let’s take life one step at a time.
Let’s allow God to lead us and guide us.
Let’s dive deeper into God’s word and allow it to illuminate our path.
Let’s trust God is lead us through the darkness.
Let’s not hurry life.
Let’s practice patience in the moments when we want to go two steps ahead.


Grace and ease,

Elizabeth Louise