10 Not So Tiny Truths

1. You are worthy of being loved. and you are loved.

2. Jesus never regrets saving you.

3. It’s okay to stop watering the dead things in your life.

4. You are allowed to change and grow.

5. Truth often divides before it may bind.

6. God seeks what has been lost and driven away.

7. It’s okay to pray with tears instead of words. God understands them just as well.

8. It’s okay to need help and support. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. even Jesus needed help carrying His cross.

9. Sometimes a cozy blanket, your favorite drink, and a friend will go a long way in the process of healing.

10. You are not what happened to you. you are not the tragedy, or situation or circumstance that happened.
Sometimes when life is difficult and rough, we all just need a little encouragement to cling to to get us through the day, week, month, year. 

remember these tiny but immensely powerful truths. guard them in your heart. write them down. share it with a friend. save the link. maybe find some more simple, tiny but powerful truths. 

but in times of fear, in doubt, in times of insecurity and loneliness, through the good and bad and tears and laughter remember them. 

maybe share them with someone in need.

Keep positive friends.

– Elizabeth Louise


I’m nothing more than a pumpkin 🎃 

It’s Halloween guys.

The day where kids dress up like ghosts, pirates, Eleven from Stranger Things, etc and go from house to house and say, “Trick or treat”

I’m going to keep this relatively short.

I’ve been thinking about today and costumes and pumpkins and after staring at pumpkin after pumpkin it hit me!

I’m like a pumpkin…
I’m empty on the inside except for guts.

That was until Jesus came into my life and lit a fire ablaze in my soul.
A fire I can’t contain.

When you walk by those pumpkins that have been carefully carved and contain candles with flickering lights, illuminating that pumpkin that’s what it feels to have Jesus in your soul.

Happy Halloween!


#Metoo: My story by Elizabeth Louise 

Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter over the past few weeks you’ve probably come across posts and articles about sexual assault victims coming out and sharing their stories and using the #metoo

For awhile I’ve been debating whether or not I should write my story and if I do what am I going to say? What will others say? Is it stupid to share my story? 

I took some time to research a few statistics about sexual assault…

1 in 6 women are sexually assaulted

2/3 rapes will go unreported 

3 % of men have experienced sexual assault of some form

13% of women who are raped will or have tried to attempt suicide 

After reading these statistics and many more, I have to ask:  why are we remaining silent? Who are we trying to protect?

There is power in sharing. Abuse and sexual assault only thrives in silence. So, let’s take away that silence.

I was living in India, and was 7 at the time. He was my driver. He took my hand and led me behind the house and behind some bushes. He had me pull my pants down, afterwards he himself pulled his pants down. He had me do things no seven year old should ever do at that age. For well into my teenage years, I told nobody. I felt so ashamed that I had allowed that to happen. I felt like it was my fault. 

When I was 19, this guy I had been dating and I were laying in bed kissing. We mutually agreed to go further. A few minutes later, I began feeling panicked and anxious. I asked him to stop. He told me, “No, hold on a bit longer” as he continued to thrust in and out. I asked him again to stop and began to push him off of me. I remember being the one to feel guilty about asking him to stop. Later that evening I drove him home, I remember telling him I didn’t feel comfortable dating anymore. I didn’t feel anything. That was a lie. I was scared of him, I felt like vomiting. He repeatedly grabbed my face and began to kiss me into loving him. I kept having to tell him to stop, to which he would grab my face again and try again.

At age 21, I began dating this guy for three years. Over the course of the years he would not only sexually assault me, but verbally and physically abuse me. He would shove me into walls to show how strong he was. He and his mom would verbally abuse me and began criticizing my body at every turn.
One night we were at a friends house, I had fallen asleep on the couch. He got on top of me to “wake me up” and he began thrusting up and down on my body. I woke up to see him climbing off of me and I just sunk my head back into the pillow.

This is my story.
There are more women out there who have stories like these or even worse.
I am not alone.
They are not alone.
We are not alone.

We should no longer be silent. When we silence our stories and allow them to go un-told we continue to give power to these abusers. 

Female or male, our bodies are not sexual objects.
We as victims should not be made to feel like we are at fault.
Don’t continue to hide your voice, and dont continue to give abusers power.
Elizabeth Louise


“Everyone else is doing it”

“Everyone else is doing it”
“Everyone is saying it”
“Everyone will be at this party”
“Everyone is seeing this movie”

If you are a parent you are probably all too familiar with your children saying son similar to you..

Or maybe you or your friends have said something like this to each other at one point.

“Everyone else is”….. so you should too…..right?


Sometimes we use the, “Well, everyone is doing it, so I should too” to justify doing something or buying something.

We use it as a means to, “fit in”.
To go with the crowd.
Be “cool” and do what everyone else is doing

The truth is, it’s okay to not follow what everyone else is.

In fact the Bible even warns against going with the crowd.

Exodus 23:2 Do not follow the majority when they do wrong or when they give testimony that perverts justice.

Look, I get it.
Its easy to go with the crowd and do the same thing everyone else is.

Sometimes we see other Christians doing something or saying something, and we use it as a justification to get away with sin.

What we should remember is that, other people should not be our standard for living. Our standard for living should be based off of God.

When we look to others for how we should live life and what is acceptable, we fail to remember that they too are just as flawed and in need of Jesus as we are.

Friends, the next time you use, “Everyone else is doing it”, please take a deep breath and ask yourself if it’s what God would want you to do. 

It’s okay to be unique and different. 

Speaking Engagements

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Events are two-fold: interactive and nurturing. Before I can tackle the issues, I start events by opening up and sharing my story and personal experiences.

Types of events that I offer:

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Afternoon Essential Oils Class
This can be a 1-2 hour class in the comfort of your own home with your friends and family. You will learn about essential oils, and be taken through a fun recipe to do with essential oils.
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I can also come speak in combination with another event or conference you may be hosting, or speak alongside some other guest speakers.




Mental illness(depression, anxiety): Our mental illness doesn’t define us. 
Personal identity:
Where is our identity found? Why do we search for our identity in our hobbies, or alcohol, drugs, etc? How can we become whole again in a broken world? Learn more about who God has created us to be.
What types of abuse are there?(physical, verbal, etc). How can we overcome abuse and get help? 
What is purity? Purity is more than just abstinence. How can we live more of a pure lifestyle in Christ?
Addiction: Addiction is a real problem that plagues us: whether it’s addiction to food, alcohol, pornography, drugs, etc. How can we overcome this addiction? Why do we look to these addictions to satisfy us?

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Women’s bodies are not objects.


let’s focus on this word.

Christian culture likes to throw around this word when it comes to the topic of purity. especially when it comes to women. It seems that women are given a higher standard when it comes to modesty.

girls and guys are split up in youth groups to discuss purity. girls are often encouraged to dress more appropriately and modestly while guys on the other hand are encouraged to behave like gentlemen. sayings like “modesty is hottest” or “modesty is the best policy” are thrown around while  the War on Yoga Pants rages on. girls are told they can’t wear a certain t-shirt because it shows too much skin or cleavage.

women are made to feel ashamed of their bodies and are seen as objects.
from what swim suits we can or cannot wear.
to being repulsed to seeing a woman breastfeed.
to being told what we can or cannot wear because our bodies will be a “temptation” to men.
to not being taken seriously after being sexually assaulted or raped and being told, “Well, how did you dress?”

We are basically told that we need to fix ourselves to  accommodate men and their needs.

lets get something out of the way

Modesty is subjective and situational.
It has absolutely everything to do with YOU and YOUR intentions and absolutely nothing to do with anyone else’s sin or temptations.

What one guy may find attractive and tempting, another guy may not.
One guy may be attracted to stomach showing, while another guy might be attracted to fingers or toes, while the third guy may be attracted to cleavage.

Going deeper on this topic, each country and culture has it’s own set of rules on what modesty looks like. If you visit the Middle East, women might be found wearing burkas and that is what “modest” looks like to them, but men still get turned on from women in burkas. Whereas, if you go to the beach you will most likely wear a swim suit, or a short sun dress.  In that context it is appropriate and modest to wear, but if you were to attend church in your two piece swim suit or a short sun dress, you would find that your clothing choice is now probably not the most modest.
Another example would be, what you would find modest and appropriate to wear to a wedding, might not be so modest and appropriate at a funeral.

What might be accepted as modest in one country, culture and/or situation may be found to be frowned upon in another.

We need to stop putting so much pressure on women to be modest and instead we need to start talking to men about how they need to be able to treat women with value and respect, and not objectify them based on what they may be wearing.




To the girl that may be struggling with loving herself,
you are more than just your body.
You are a beautiful daughter of God.

You have been given immense worth.

To the girl who may have been raped or sexually assaulted,
It isn’t your fault.
It didn’t happen because of what you were wearing. 
You are strong, and you are a survivor.

My hope and prayer for you wonderful ladies is that you love yourself and your bodies.
Love who God has created you to be.
Bask and rejoice in His wonderful love daily.







Need vs. Want

“I need a pumpkin spice latte”
“I need new shoes”
“I need to go to that concert”
“I need that designer hand bag”

At various times in our lives we or someone else we know has stated their need to have something or to do something.

We say we “need” these things when shouldn’t we actually be saying we “want” those things?

A need simply put is something you have to have.
While a want is something you desire to have.

You need oxygen in order to survive.
You need water and food.
You need shelter.

We’ve created a culture around this whole idea of “I need this” or “I need that” in order to make us happy when it’s not about finding happiness, it’s about finding joy.
Happiness is usually dependent on situations or “things” and usually that happiness has a way of disappearing, whereas our joy comes from Christ.

You see, we are so desperate to find true joy that we end of searching in all the wrong places and in all the wrong things to bring us joy when all it ends up doing is bringing us temporarily happiness that fades and leaves us longing for a desire and need to find another thing to bring us joy.

The answer is right in front of us: Jesus Christ.

Our joy comes from Jesus Christ- who has loved us so much that he searched for us and rescued us and never abandons us.

Dear friends,
Let us not look to earthly possessions to give us happiness where only our joy from Christ belongs. Let us not look to earthly possessions to provide us with happiness that will lead us on a never ending hunt of “need” in order to make us happy.

Look to Christ as the source of our joy.