About Elizabeth Louise

Hi, I’m Elizabeth
I’m a 25 year old.
I’m a 225 hour certified holy yoga instructor.
I drink way too much coffee on any given day.
I also could down a gallon of sweet tea on any given day. (probably not healthy lol)
I dislike mushrooms…… to the point where i will either pick them out or just not touch with them.
I follow Jesus.
I have depression and anxiety.
I mainly eat a seafood diet, but I do love my bacon.
I love to explore anything abandoned. literally, you name something abandoned and I’ll probably be there or have done that.
I’ve traveled the world and India is my favorite place.
I have no particular genre that I like more. sometimes i enjoy spoken word. sometimes i enjoy words with no music. sometimes i enjoy a little country. sometimes i enjoy a little soul and r&b. sometimes i enjoy listening to music that wants to praise Jesus.
I longboard, but I rarely do because I have no idea where my protective gear is.
I love the fall, and watching the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. I love the smells of fall combined. I love the pumpkins, and hay rides, the apple cider.
I speak American Sign Language and taught myself all by myself.
I love spicy food, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Ethiopian, Chinese, etc.
I root for the Baltimore Orioles and if it were at all possible I would spend every day at the ball park having beer and a hot dog.
My friend Julianna was actually the one who encouraged me to start this blog because of my passion for writing.