It’s okay to be rejected.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all dealt with it. We don’t get picked to be on someone’s team or if we do get picked we get picked last. We don’t get an invite to someone’s birthday party. We ask someone out who rejects us. We don’t get accepted to the university we really wanted to go to. We don’t get a job we had hoped for.
Rejection sucks.

It’s like walking down the street licking a ice cream cone to the next thing you know it’s raining and you’ve just walked straight into a gang on robbers holding a gun to your head.
It’s like being run over by a semi truck.
Recently I had to deal with rejection. I wasn’t invited to the wedding of a close friends sibling. Over the years I had grown to think of this family like a sort of second family to me.
So admittedly I was a bit devastated. Maybe crushed is more of the right word. There were no words that I knew what to say to explain my hurt.
I felt like this family, these people whom I’d considered family had silently told me, “We don’t value you. We don’t want you”
It sucks not to be wanted, honestly.

It’s also okay to feel sad. It’s okay to feel pain. It’s okay to process emotions. It’s okay to tell people, “I don’t feel okay and I need you to either listen or to give me time to process”. It’s okay.
And that’s what I did.
I took time.
I went camping in Chincoteague over the weekend and took time to process my emotions.
I spent time with God.

At first my thoughts were anywhere from, “God I never want to fucking having anything to do with these people again” to “I guess I understand. Wedding are expensive” to “Why the fuck would you have an expensive wedding? Don’t flaunt your money”.

I never wanted to see any of these people again and I will be honest, I daily still struggle with thoughts like these. Thoughts of hurt and pain and not wanting anything to do with the very people who caused me my pain.

Eventually God tugged on my heart and silenced me.
Jesus died on the cross for everyone, right?
Not just the people who love and accept Him.

Jesus died for people who had him nailed to the cross and he still forgave them.
Luke 23:24 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.
Even while on the cross and taking the sins of the world upon himself, Jesus found it in himself to extend grace and forgiveness to those who had had him nailed there in the first place.
Wow! Right? I mean, we find it ridiculously hard to forgive people when we get butt hurt, yet Jesus forgave the very people who put him on the cross! How powerful is that?
See, it’s okay to feel rejected because that’s when we need to seek God the most. God was rejected by the very people he loved so dearly. In the midst of rejection and hurt, let us seek God’s affection and love.


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